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Fresh Coast Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Awesome Team, Amazing Clients and Impactful Work!

Wow! Fresh Coast is celebrating 2 years of helping our clients achieve bold #climateaction and transformative #impact. As we look back on the last two years, we couldn’t be more thankful for a few, really important items.

Fresh Coast Climate Team

Our Team. At our second anniversary, Fresh Coast Climate Solutions is so fortunate to have an extremely talented, technically capable, highly nimble, and exceedingly passionate team. Thank you to Jenny Oorbeck, Joshua Brugeman, Nick Kemp, Rae Mindock, Matthew Paper, Becca Elder , Paul Gruber, Colin Dean, Ana Garcia Rosa and Stephen Lipshaw for taking a chance on us. And, most importantly, thank you for your awesome skills and passion! We also are truely grateful for our partners and extended family: Plitcha Business Services, AA Spark, Climate First Bank, Concise Computer Consulting, Melissa Smith, Group Management Services, Suppliers Partnership for the Environment and The Water Council.


Our Work. The breadth and depth of our work’s impact is so rewarding. We’ve been fortunate to provide our climate impact analysis services for several transformative #hardtech plays including #hydrogen, #steel, #batteries, #carbonstorage, #biochar, and #rareearthminerals. We’ve worked with global #supplychains and #manufacturers to help navigate emerging traceability and regulatory requirements. We’re grateful for our work with accelerators such as Centrepolis and NextEnergy as we’ve been able to work on programs ranging from coaching start-ups to advancing climate equity in disadvantaged communities. And, lastly, we’re now providing a trifecta of #carbon, #biodiversity, and #water expertise to help all our clients be more resilient. 

Thanks for being a part of the mobilization that we need to reverse climate change!


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