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Joshua Brugeman

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Joshua is an experienced, passionate, and sustainability-focused executive with multi-stakeholder expertise in Cleantech, ESG, CSR, and the circular economy. He founded Fresh Coast Climate Solutions to pull these experiences together and guide entities toward a more sustainable future.

He previously built and managed a sustainability consulting team at NSF International, and served as a Director at NextEnergy, a clean energy accelerator, where he advised companies in commercializing and deploying advanced technologies. He has worked with a wide range of clients, from cleantech startups to fortune 500 companies such as Patagonia, McDonald’s, Denso, and Bosch.

Joshua thrives at solving hard problems and working at the front end of the market maturity curve. He gravitates toward assembling necessary industry stakeholders to develop solutions often for the first time. He has successfully helped clients create more resilient supply chains, develop and commercialize advanced technologies, and build brands that increase integrity while reducing risk. All his work coalesces around pushing the needle toward transformative change.

Joshua holds both a bachelor’s and a graduate degree from the University of Michigan where he focused on sustainability, land use, and urban planning.

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