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We're Passionate
About The Climate.

And when it comes to solutions, we like bold, not status quo.

We started Fresh Coast Climate Solutions with a mission to reverse climate change through bold solutions and transformative action.


We do this by leveraging our expertise and passion for the environment and social equity, along with decades of experience guiding a diverse set of private, NGO and public sector clients toward smarter and more impactful sustainability practices.


Our deep knowledge and skill in the areas of circular economy, life cycle assessment, GHG inventories, carbon mitigation, ESG and CSR, and cleantech, enables us to provide our clients with unique insights and solutions to complex problems. 


We consider our clients friends and collaborators and  believe that business success and climate action are not mutually exclusive. With every interaction, we go above and beyond to make sure they have the best information, resources and guidance they need to make a positive impact on their organization and the climate.


Whether you're ready to position your business as a climate leader, or just need advice on sustainability matters big or small, the Fresh Coast team is here to help.

Fresh Coast Mantras
A peek inside our DNA

Fresh Coast Mantra 1.png
Fresh Coast Mantra 4.png

Meet the Fresh Coast Team

Passionate. Solution generators. Climate heroes.

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