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Matthew Paper

Technical Analyst - Biodiversity & Water

Matthew Paper is a Technical Analyst at Fresh Coast Climate Solutions, focusing on Biodiversity and Water related solutions. Matthew is passionate about using ecological data and creative problem solving to develop actionable solutions for difficult climate change related questions. Prior to joining, Matthew performed research on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems as a Junior Researcher and Implementation Officer for the Centre for Biological Control, Rhodes University. His role involved extensive ecological surveying, performing goal-orientated research, statical data analysis, and developing action plans to effectively manage highly impacted ecosystems.


One of Matthew's significant contributions was to participate in South Africa's biological control program by leading research on novel biological control agents and implementing established programs in heavily impacted ecosystems across southern Africa. He has worked with organizations such as Argentina's Foundation for the Study of Invasive Species (FuEDEI), the USDA and US Army Corp of Engineers and the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CISRO), towards addressing underling anthropogenic issues impacting aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems structure and function. Matthew has published in peer-reviewed scientific journals on the impacts of elevated CO2 on plant-insect interactions and on the geospatial distribution of invasive species in South Africa. He is experienced in ecological data analysis and modelling, aquatic and terrestrial survey methodologies, geospatial mapping, and stakeholder engagement.


Matthew holds a Master of Science (MSc) by research in Entomology from the Centre for Biological Control, Rhodes University, attained while serving as Junior Researcher for the Aquatic Weeds Program. Prior to his MSc, Matthew earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Zoology and Botany with Honours in Marine Biology and was awarded the National Research Foundation Innovation Scholarship. Matthew offers a strong scientific perspective on ecological issues and sustainability practices, an extensive ecological data analysis toolbox as well as a unique perspective on social responsibility having grown up in the culturally diverse setting of South Africa.

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