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Matthew Paper


Matthew Paper is an Associate at Fresh Coast Climate Solutions. Prior to joining, Matthew performed goal-based ecological research throughout southern Africa as a junior researcher and implementation officer for the Centre for Biological Control, Rhodes University. He has experience working with international research groups from across the world, with a focus on ecosystem modelling and restoration. Having worked extensively in South Africa, the need to improve ecosystem health in South Africa’s threatened and economically valuable freshwater systems drove his leading and participating in the development of stakeholder engagement programs focusing on local governments, international parties, and private stakeholders to improve the ecosystem resilience through sustainable and ecologically friendly methodologies. Matthew is experienced in ecological modelling and data collection, terrestrial and aquatic survey methodologies, geospatial mapping, and stakeholder engagement programs.

Matthew holds a Master’s degree in the ecological impacts of climate change on freshwater ecosystems’ structure and function from Rhodes University. He offers a strong scientific perspective on ecological issues and sustainability practices, as well as a unique perspective on social responsibility having grown up in the culturally diverse setting of South Africa.

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