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Becca Elder

Senior Technical Analyst

Becca Elder is the Senior Technical Analyst at Fresh Coast Climate Solutions. Becca is passionate about harnessing the power of data to tell compelling stories and generate valuable insights that fuel bold and effective climate action. Prior to joining Fresh Coast, Becca was the Sustainability Analyst for the City of Columbia, Missouri, where she spearheaded efforts to track and evaluate progress on the City’s climate action plan. Her role involved conducting community-wide and municipal greenhouse gas inventories, analyzing emissions trends, and modeling the potential impacts of strategies in the climate action plan.

One of Becca’s significant achievements during her time with the City of Columbia was the implementation of the municipal benchmarking policy, which involved assessing energy performance of all municipal buildings and identifying optimal investments to reduce energy costs and emissions. In alignment with her passion for making data accessible and impactful, Becca built user-friendly dashboards for the public to explore climate action data, along with an internal benchmarking dashboard to empower City staff to make well-informed energy efficiency investments.

Becca holds a Master of Public Affairs (MPA) from the Truman School of Public Affairs, University of Missouri, where she received an AmeriCorps Fellowship and served as a Graduate Research Assistant. Prior to her MPA, Becca earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies from Truman State University. During her undergraduate career at Truman State, Becca founded the Truman State University Sustainability Office, where she continued to work post-graduation to develop programming. Becca also served as an AmeriCorps member in Kirksville, Missouri, in a position focused on improving local food security and providing environmental education for youth.

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