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Michigan Businesses Advance Climate Reporting and Sustainability Programs

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Companies, and their suppliers, face increasing pressure from customers, corporate boards, advocacy groups, independent evaluators, and regulators to establish and demonstrate progress on climate and sustainability goals. CDP reports that more than 23,000 companies, representing over two-thirds of global market capitalization, are publicly reporting their environmental data; this is a 24% increase in reporting from 2022 to 2023. As part of Centrepolis Accelerator’s MI Climate Wise Business program, we are thrilled to work with small and medium sized businesses in southeast Michigan to advance their climate reporting and sustainability programs. We have worked with businesses ranging from technology start-ups to manufacturers with decades of operations and international sales experience, and in 2024 we are supporting even more Michigan businesses. You can learn more and apply here for this complimentary technical assistance program. 


The MI Climate Wise Business Program has been successful in helping businesses in two core areas: 


GHG Emissions Data Helps Businesses Meet Customer Sustainability Needs 


A variety of southeast Michigan companies have benefited from establishing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting to support their business growth. We worked with Ventower Industries, which specializes in advanced steel fabrication, to conduct a corporate-wide assessment and provide guidance regarding scope 1, scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions based on the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain Standard. We also worked with Detroit based recycler VMX International, electric powerboat company Hercules, off-grid camping start-up Electric Outdoors, and recycled building material start-up Post Rock to complete product greenhouse gas (GHG) assessments using the GHG Protocol’s Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard. 

Clients are using results from these GHG assessments to compare a product’s emissions to incumbent technologies and processes and identify opportunities for improvement. For example, results have helped companies identify where to use lower carbon intensity materials and where to focus on manufacturing process efficiencies. These GHG assessments aid companies to fulfill customer data requests, respond to stakeholder inquiries, and prepare reports on the company’s progress in reducing GHG emissions. 


Sustainability Strategy Helps Businesses Prioritize Environmental, Social & Governance Improvements 

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In 2023, we worked with advanced battery company American Battery Solutions, controls and automation company K-Tec Systems, and e-mobility start-up GEKOT to survey internal and external stakeholders, establish a materiality matrix, and identify the most pressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) areas on which the companies should focus their attention. Focus areas were selected based on GRI industry standards, and we provided implementation plans including disclosure requirements. Top areas identified included product safety and quality, occupational health and safety, materials sourcing, and supplier environmental and social assessments. 

Sustainability, or ESG, implementation plans enable our clients to respond to customer and stakeholder inquiries and showcase their plans and progress in sustainability reports. In so doing, companies can remain competitive in a market that increasingly looks at efforts to improve environmental, social, and governance attributes of the company's operations and products. 


Centrepolis Accelerator and Fresh Coast Climate Solutions can be important partners in your journey to become a more competitive and sustainable business. Check out the MI Climate Wise Business program, Centrepolis Accelerators’ Programs, and Fresh Coast’s Sustainability Services to learn more about how we can help your business. 

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