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Complimentary Program Helps Michigan Businesses Establish Climate & Sustainability Strategies

Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis in 2024 for complimentary sustainability technical assistance.

Complimentary climate strategy technical assistance

Centrepolis Accelerator has partnered with Fresh Coast Climate Solutions to launch the MI Climate Wise Business Program, supported by the Erb Family Foundation. Through this initiative, we offer complimentary technical assistance to small and medium-sized businesses in southeast Michigan to advance their climate strategies and economic competitiveness. In 2023, we worked with eight businesses, including this one, and in 2024 we have room for even more! We work with selected applications in one of the following areas:

Climate + Sustainability Readiness 

Analysis of manufacturing business, operations, and supply chain to determine carbon, energy, biodiversity, water, and/or waste baselines and reduction opportunities 

ESG Program Development 

Develop ESG program to establish priorities, goals, and reporting metrics to track and communicate sustainability progress to customers, employees, and investors 

Alternative Materials and Reduction 

Analyze manufacturing and operations, including alternative raw material inputs, environmental impacts, or innovative processes and solutions to create circularity opportunities 


Identify electrification improvements to achieve net zero energy, improved air quality, and building resiliency including solar, energy storage, heat pumps, electric vehicle charging, etc.

Interested in applying for complimentary technical assistance to advance your climate strategies?

Selected businesses will achieve one or more of the following:

  1. Build sustainability goals and metrics into business models and strategic plans

  2. Incorporate ongoing sustainability and climate practices into business operations

  3. Ensure a continuous method of tracking sustainability metrics and data

  4. Effectively mitigate risks and build business resilience

  5. Reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs), boost economic competitiveness, and help secure additional growth and investment.



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