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Residential Electrification Project With NextEnergy

Partnering to Scope the First Residential Low-Income Electrification Project in Michigan

NextEnergy partnered with Fresh Coast Climate Solutions to scope a low-income residential electrification project for implementation in the City of Flint, Michigan, as part of the MINextCities program.

Fresh Coast conducted research and engaged with stakeholders – the City of Flint, community housing agencies and organizations, regional technology manufacturers, contractors, and utilities – to design an impactful electrification project that can scale the electrification of existing housing stock statewide.

Key Electrification Engagement Outcomes

  • An electrification implementation guide to improve resiliency and make strides toward achieving net zero in a low-income community

  • An electrification financial model to guide the most impact by incorporating Inflation Reduction Act incentives and grant funding with the right technological solutions

  • Stakeholder engagement and community partnerships to support implementation

  • Research of available connected, electrification technologies


NextEnergy works with innovators to accelerate smarter, cleaner, more accessible solutions for communities and cities. Learn more about their work at

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