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GHG Training Development and Delivery under ISO 14064 and 14067 Standards

Fresh Coast designed and delivered GHG training to advance the workforce through up-skilling and continuing education

Supply chain traceability

Background of GHG Training per ISO 14064 and 14067 Standards

Fresh Coast Climate Solutions developed curriculum and delivered the following trainings for global clients:

  • A 4-day training GHG accounting course covering ISO 14064-1, 14064-3, and 14064-4

  • A 4-day product carbon footprint training covering ISO 14067

All trainings were developed to meet the requirements of the relevant ISO standard, reflect the latest climate science, and apply real world learning through relevant case studies.

Key Engagement Outcomes

  • Engaging curriculums developed by experts in the field with real-world and practical case studies

  • Delivered virtual synchronous trainings

  • An up-skilled workforce

Life Cycle Climate Impact Analysis conducted by Fresh Coast Climate Solutions


Fresh Coast experts design and deliver customized climate training for clients. Discover how Fresh Coast Can deliver a powerful course for you.



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