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Automotive Supply Chain ESG Best Practices

Fresh Coast analyzed ESG best practices for automotive industry supply chains

Supply chain traceability

Supply Chain ESG Engagement Background

Fresh Coast Climate Solutions provided technical expertise to the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), the leading industry driven independent automotive research organization that informs and advises clients to develop a more sustainable automotive industry.

Fresh Coast conducted a detailed assessment for automotive leaders of their OEM ESG programs and identified best practices within the scope of ESG commitments throughout their supply chains. This informed research recommendations and industry decisions on best practices and ensured improved sustainability and responsible sourcing of materials down the supply chain. By highlighting gaps and best practices, Fresh Coast assisted decision-makers to improve communication between manufacturers and suppliers across the supply chain.

Key ESG Engagement Outcomes

  • Completed qualitative research on supply chain best practices

  • Gap analysis on supply chain ESG commitments

  • Independent third-party review and data summary

  • Improved understanding of supply chain sustainability needs


ESG Drivers
Reasons to Establish an ESG Program


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