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Development of Water and Energy Goals

Fresh Coast Provided Technical Expertise Supporting the Development of Global Energy and Water Goals

Supply chain traceability

Background of Technical Expertise Setting Water and Energy Goals

Fresh Coast worked with a confidential client to establish goals and review energy and water minimization efforts for their manufacturing facilities in the US and global locations.

We provided technical support for a critical review of climate initiatives addressing GHG emissions and water use at multiple sites, while engaging internal stakeholders. Fresh Coast provided technical expertise, reviewed data across multiple business units, and supported development of metrics. The client incorporated the findings into the creation of their multi-year ESG metrics.

Key Engagement Outcomes

  • Understanding of energy and water consumption across the enterprise

  • Review of existing energy and water reduction goals

  • Evaluation of challenges encountered during reduction efforts

  • Promotion of successful initiatives

  • Development of long-term energy and water goals and metrics

Life Cycle Climate Impact Analysis conducted by Fresh Coast Climate Solutions


Discover how Fresh Coast supports the development of global water goals and energy targets, providing technical expertise and insights for climate solutions.



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