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How Can GH Power's Zero Carbon Solutions Revolutionize the Industrial Sector?

GH Power partnered with Fresh Coast to provide carbon expertise for its Zero Carbon solutions in the industrial sector

GH Power

Background of Carbon Expertise for GH Power

Fresh Coast Climate Solutions is currently partnering with Ontario-based GH Power to develop:

  • A climate impact model for GH Power clients to calculate Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions reductions by sourcing GH Power’s alumina and Scope 3 GHG emissions reductions by placing a GH Power reactor onsite

  • A first of its kind standard and certification program for Zero Carbon Alumina

More About GH Power

  • GH Power and Fresh Coast Climate Solutions were recently featured in an article

  • An overview of GH Power's technology can be found here

Life Cycle Climate Impact Analysis conducted by Fresh Coast Climate Solutions


Fresh Coast experts provide in-depth climate insights for cleantech companies. Discover how a climate impact analysis can advance your business model.


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