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Life Cycle Assessment of Rare Earth Metals

Fresh Coast Conducted Cradle-to-Gate LCAs Following ISO 14040/44 Standard

Background of Life Cycle Assessment for Rare Earth Metals

Supply chain traceability

Fresh Coast Climate Solutions completed cradle-to-gate Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for design phase rare earth mining/manufacturing processes that will help facilitate domestic supply of rare earth metals and magnets. Rare earth metals are critical in the production of advanced energy solutions such as EV batteries.

Results included:

  • Base case life cycle GHG emissions and scenario/sensitivity analysis for key parameters

  • Material substitutions for raw materials lacking data

  • General comparison of results to industry/academic data

Key Engagement Outcomes

  • Cradle-to-gate LCA for emerging technology in design phase

  • Multiple modeled scenarios for future grid electricity intensity & use of renewables

  • Helped client identify areas to refine process to reduce GHG emissions

  • Delivered excel workbook to be used for continued modeling

Life Cycle Climate Impact Analysis conducted by Fresh Coast Climate Solutions


Uncover the environmental impact of rare earth metal production with Fresh Coast's comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment. Gain powerful climate insights now!


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