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UFLPA and EUDR Global Supply Chain Traceability For Fortune 50 Client

Fresh Coast Served as Key Advisor to Fortune 50 Client and Evaluated Global Supply Chain Traceability To Meet UFLPA and EUDR Regulatory Requirements

Supply chain traceability

Background of Supply Chain Traceability For Fortune 50 Client:

Fresh Coast Climate Solutions provided expert technical support to:

  • Assess due diligence program and new Code of Conduct requirements

  • Compare UFLPA and EUDR regulatory requirements for food and agricultural commodities

  • Evaluate supply chain mapping and traceability software vendors

  • Interview global suppliers and finished goods manufacturers

  • Design a cotton due diligence pilot

Key Engagement Outcomes

  • Ranked and recommended supply chain traceability software vendors

  • Comprehensive UFLPA, EUDR, and client code of conduct gap analysis

  • Recommended strategies to remove traceability obstacles for suppliers

  • Cotton due diligence pilot plan, including goals, KPIs, roles, workplan, timeline, recommended supplier participants, software vendors, and budget

Life Cycle Climate Impact Analysis conducted by Fresh Coast Climate Solutions


Explore how Fresh Coast Climate Solutions can help you meet UFLPA and EUDR regulatory requirements.



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