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Supply Chain Traceability for Patagonia

Fresh Coast Serves as a Trusted Advisor for Global Traceability, Sustainability and Supply Chain Activity

Supply chain traceability

Supply Chain Traceability Engagement Background

Patagonia hired Fresh Coast to evaluate and determine a best fit software platform to reduce US and EU social and environmental compliance risks and related costs.

Fresh Coast conducted a landscape analysis of available traceability software platforms, interviewed and evaluated software platform providers and references, and recommended the best match vendor to meet Patagonia's needs. Throughout the process, Fresh Coast evaluated each provider's capability to trace back to the farm level and reduce compliance risk with the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act and the European Union's proposed Green Claims law.

Fresh Coast also completed an analysis of transaction certificate costs among all global Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to support annual budgeting.

Key Traceability Engagement Outcomes

  • Analyzed global supply chain traceability software platforms

  • Recommended IT software platform for US/EU supply chain risk mitigation and green claims substantiation

  • Developed overview of current and pending legislative efforts driving global supply chain traceability and climate efforts

They provided valuable management of international teams of specialists, formed good working relationships with our suppliers and other external stakeholders, were able to provide innovative problem solving for roadblocks we encountered, and communicated with executives at Patagonia in a way that provided confidence in our progress towards strategic goals. In our time working together, I had absolute trust in their integrity, expertise and dynamism. Most importantly, they did not lose sight of the big picture of what we were doing, even amid the myriad day to day challenges that arose.

-Nicholas Allen Director of Transparency at Patagonia


Supply Chain transparency drivers
Supply Chain Traceability Drivers


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