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WAVE Water Stewardship Verified Implementation for Industrial Manufacturer

Fresh Coast Provided WAVE Water Stewardship Verified Implementation Support for North American Operations

Supply chain traceability

Background of WAVE Water Stewardship Verified Implementation Support

Fresh Coast Climate Solutions, Director of Water Programs, has been working with WAVE since its inception. 

We provided implementation strategy support, reviewed water use across the enterprise, and conducted multi-level watershed risk analysis for current and future conditions. Material water use and impacts were also evaluated within the value chain. Fresh Coast supported development of the organization’s water stewardship policy.

Fresh Coast has also conducted WAVE Gap Analysis for other clients to determine level of effort required to obtain WAVE verification.

Key Engagement Outcomes

  • Understanding of water uses, impacts, and risks

  • Developing a corporate water stewardship policy

  • Prioritizing sites where water-related risks can be mitigated

  • Communicating a corporate action plan, goals, and timeline

Life Cycle Climate Impact Analysis conducted by Fresh Coast Climate Solutions


Discover how Fresh Coast Climate Solutions can help implement WAVE Water Stewardship Verified for your operations



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