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Ocean Plastic Guidance for Major Apparel Brand

Fresh Coast Evaluated Global Ocean Plastic Standards and Recommended Path Forward

Ocean plastic

Ocean Plastic Engagement Background

Major apparel brand hired Fresh Coast to evaluate the breadth of Ocean Plastic standards and recommend a path forward. Fresh Coast conducted a landscape analysis of standards, analyzed requirements for each standard, identified potential risk areas, and recommended the best standards to validate recycled ocean-bound plastic materials.

Fresh Coast also completed an analysis of transaction certificate costs among all global Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to support the client's annual budgeting process.

Key Ocean Plastic Engagement Outcomes

  • Documented global ocean-bound plastic ecosystem

  • Analysis of global ocean-bound plastic standards

  • Recommendation of certification standards for ocean-bound plastics to implement across supply chain, including identified gaps

  • Analysis of transaction certificate costs to aid in annual supply chain budget planning

Ocean Plastic ecosystem
Ocean-bound Plastic Landscape


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