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Life Cycle Assessment

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Data for Business, Better for the Planet

Fresh Coast works with your company to understand the complexity of completing an LCA that meets your business’ needs. We work diligently to gain a thorough understanding of your operations to provide a custom assessment of your products’ environmental impacts. We perform our work in accordance with relevant standards including ISO 14040/14044, ISO 14067, and the GHG Protocol Product Standard. From initial assessment to ongoing monitoring, our tailored solutions empower your business to make informed decisions for a more sustainable future.

Leverage the Power of a Life Cycle Assessment
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We gather comprehensive data on your process inputs and outputs for each life cycle stage


Our experts assess the life cycle impact of your product/process


We deliver a report detailing the primary drivers of a product’s environmental footprint, identifying opportunities to reduce the footprint and improve business.

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Our Process Creates a Foundation For Success  

Define Scope & Goal

Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Receive Report


We work with you to develop an appropriate and thorough goal & scope for your LCA which serves as the foundation of the assessment.


We work to source and apply appropriate environmental factors (e.g. emissions factors) to assess the life cycle impact of your product/process.


Understand primary drivers of your environmental footprint. Identify opportunities to reduce environmental impacts. Improve resource efficiency and waste reduction. Optimize supply chain for the environment. Manage Risk. Improve stakeholder relationships. 

With a thorough understanding of your operations, we work with you to gather comprehensive data on your process inputs and outputs for each life cycle stage.

We perform a systematic review of the life cycle inventory and impact assessment to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the main drivers of the impact of your product/process. We also provide insights on the most efficient and significant opportunities to reduce life cycle environmental impacts.


Life Cycle Inventory


Life Cycle Interpretation

See Our Work In Action 

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