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Finance & Investment Sector

Fresh Coast thrives on helping investors make sound, data-informed climate investment decisions.  We  conduct climate focused due-diligence, provide technical analyses and identify climate-related investment risks.

Sector Solutions

GHG reduction goals and strategy

Fresh Coast helps you develop a cohesive climate strategy supported by bold and transformative goals

Develop and Implement ESG programs

Establish a reputable ESG program that will move the climate needle propel your business forward

GHG Inventory, Scope 1, 2, 3

Technical inventory and analysis of Scope 1, 2 or 3 greenhouse gas emissions so an organization can make informed decisions

Climate investment due diligence

Guidance for investors during the investment process to understand GHG reduction, climate risks, or validity of ESG programs

Net Zero and carbon neutral guidance

Our expert team will develop a decarbonization roadmap for you and guide you through the process of executing against it

Validate GHG Reduction Claims

3rd party analysis of greenhouse gas emission reduction claims

Climate life-cycle impact analysis

Technical analysis on the environmental benefit or impact of a product, process or organization.

What Our Clients Say

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Roberta Benedetti

Just Climate

We are a repeat Fresh Coast client because they embody our ethos in executing effective global climate change solutions swiftly. They deliver exceptional technical work within tight timelines and provide us the confidence we need to make impactful investment decisions. They are a true partner in the work we do and consistently make us feel that we are their highest priority.
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