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Automotive Sector

Fresh Coast is at the forefront of steering the automotive industry towards profound transformation. We enable automotive leaders through climate risk assessments, sustainable material sourcing, GHG reduction strategies, and Net-Zero roadmaps. Our unwavering commitment is to facilitate sustainable innovation and guide you through the dynamic landscape of automotive sustainability. Collaborate with Fresh Coast to expedite your progress toward a greener and forward-thinking automotive industry.

Invest with purpose. 
Let's drive positive change, together.

Invest purposefully with Fresh Coast. Our expertise empowers investors by providing data-driven insights into the climate impact of their investments. We ensure informed decisions through climate-focused due diligence, technical analyses, and climate risk assessments. 

Customized solutions to fit your needs.

Portfolio Companies
Conduct risk assessments at the product, company, or supply chain level
Cradle-to -gate and Cradle-to-Grave Product Life Cycle Assessments
Conduct Scope 1, 2, & 3 GHG Inventory
Model potential GHG emissions impacts of technologies and systems
Conduct independent, third-party climate due diligence assessments of products, processes, and investments

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Invest with purpose and partner with Fresh Coast Consulting for investor-focused climate services. Together, let's drive positive change and build a greener world for generations to come. Contact us now to take the first step towards a more sustainable investment portfolio.

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What Our Clients Say

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Just Climate

We are a repeat Fresh Coast client because they embody our ethos in executing effective global climate change solutions swiftly. They deliver exceptional technical work within tight timelines and provide us the confidence we need to make impactful investment decisions. They are a true partner in the work we do and consistently make us feel that we are their highest priority.
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