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Regenerative Agriculture Sector

Fresh Coast assists small-scale to mid-scale landowners and innovative land users in developing their regenerative agriculture practices, helping make long-lasting, sustainable agricultural practices that are informed by current policy and expert assessment. We conduct biodiversity and water risk assessments, technical analyses of nature-based solutions, and Science-based Targets benchmarking and readiness.

Sector Solutions

Water Stewardship, Roadmaps and Implementation

Our water stewardship experts will help you design, develop and help implement best practice water stewardship strategies for your business, working with you to achieve water efficiency and conservation goals.

Water Program Support: WAVE, AWS, SBTN, CDP Water

Our experts can assist with water consumption volume at a corporate or product level as well as where gaps in your company's water consumption occur, helping to identify areas that need focus.

Nature-Based Solutions and Impact Modeling

Expert comparative analysis of the effects of nature based solutions on your company's impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem structure.

Site and Supply Chain Biodiversity Impact Assessments

Our experts can help with providing insight into your company's impact on biodiversity from a site perspective as well as up and down the supply chain.

Water Risk Assessments

Assessing your companies regional physical, regulatory and reputational water risk using international datasets and GIS modelling.

Ecological Risk Assessments

Expert assessment of a company's potential risk due to changes losses in ecological resilience, through GIS systems and predictive modeling.

Science-Based Targets for Nature

Fresh Coast assets with bench marking, readiness assessments and developing your Science-based Targets for Nature for your nature based journey.

What Our Clients Say

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Roberta Benedetti

Just Climate

We are a repeat Fresh Coast client because they embody our ethos in executing effective global climate change solutions swiftly. They deliver exceptional technical work within tight timelines and provide us the confidence we need to make impactful investment decisions. They are a true partner in the work we do and consistently make us feel that we are their highest priority.
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